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Governor Buddy Roemer's Statement on Iraq Withdrawal


Location: Manchester, NH

Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer today released the following statement on the closure of U.S. military efforts in Iraq:

"As we mark the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, I want to take a moment to thank all the men and women of our armed forces that served so bravely there. I want to express my appreciation to all the families and friends of those who have served, living with the anxiety and anticipation for the safe return of your loved ones. More than anything, we owe a special debt of gratitude to the 4,484 soldiers that gave their lives in service to our country. This debt is one that can never be repaid, and so we seek to honor their memories and the sacrifices they made as best we can."

"I hope that the legacy that we have left is an Iraq that is free of tyranny and that allows for the self-determination of its people in how they are governed. Although our troops have left Iraq, it is imperative that we continue to be partners in their process of democratic development. With that said, it is time to rebuild our nation now. Our country is in trouble and the world must understand that we need to get our own affairs in order."

"May God bless all of our armed forces -- those that are coming home, and those who are still serving around the world -- and the people of Iraq as they build their future."

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