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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: A Community Call to Action -- Buying Back Dangerous Weapons


Location: Unknown

Earlier this year, I signed into law public safety legislation, including a program that allows the state to buy back dangerous guns. This week, we are putting that law into practice for the first time with a gun buyback program in the city of Wilmington. It's a chance for people to bring in old guns or new guns, handguns, shotguns or rifles -- anonymously -- and without reprisal. The purpose of the buyback is to lessen the chance that an unused weapon will be picked up and used by children or used in a crime.

The idea for the program came from the community -- as one way to fight crime and reduce violence. Most people just want to raise their children in a safe neighborhood. They just want to live in peace in their homes, on their street, in their community. They want to live without fear for their kids and their kids' futures. It's not too much to ask. And, public safety is government's biggest role -- but government alone can't do everything. And police can't either. It has to come from within the community. That's why this partnership among pastors, community leaders, legislators and law enforcement is so important. We all share in the responsibility to one another. This season, when we have a little more hope in our hearts, we have hope that some people will turn in a gun they no longer need; take a positive step and contribute to getting guns off our streets. And if one less gun means one life saved, it will be well worth it. The gun buyback takes place from 10-to-6 Saturday at two Wilmington churches, Ezion Fair Baptist in Southbridge and Canaan Baptist on New Castle Avenue… working with the community to move Delaware forward.

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