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Keep Washington Out of Rural America

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today Congressman Billy Long voted for good old fashion common sense by voting in favor of H.R. 1633, the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act of 2011. The bill, which Long cosponsored, offers important protections for farmers, ranchers, and rural businesses against overreaching Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations to regulate "dust."

"This is just another example of the Washington overreach that folks are sick and tired of," said Long. "If the government was in charge of farming we would all starve to death. Washington needs to leave the farming to the farmers and keep Washington out of rural America."

The Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act of 2011 would temporarily prohibit the EPA from issuing any new National Ambient Air Quality Standard for coarse particulate matter ("PM," also known as "dust" or "nuisance dust"), for at least one year from the date of enactment.

The bill is supported by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, and including the American Farm Bureau Federation, its state affiliates, and more than 185 organizations encouraging Congress to support this sensible legislation.

"This bill does not give rural communities a right to pollute as they see fit," said Long. "Rather it is a one year of relief for farmers, ranchers, and rural businesses from potentially crippling regulations from the EPA. This bill is the kind of common-sense idea that the EPA hates and that alone means it is probably a good idea."

When Congressman Long came to Washington he made agriculture one of his top priorities. Aside from his annual agriculture tour, Long champions agriculture issues in the House of Representatives by fighting against job-killing Environmental Protection Agency regulations and supporting free trade agreements for Missouri agriculture exports. In September, Long sponsored the Superfund Common-Sense Act, a bill that would stop the EPA from adopting rules that would classify livestock manure a "hazardous substance."

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