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Congresswoman Chellie Pingree Opposes Attack on Workers' Rights

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree plans to vote against legislation today that would make it much more difficult for workers to form unions.

"The bill has come to be known as the 'Election Prevention Act' because it places so many hurdles against workers who want to decide whether to form a union," said Pingree. "It strips away people's right to have a say in the workplace decisions that impact them and their families. Our priorities today should be protecting and creating good-paying jobs for our workers, not attacking them for trying to protect their worth and safety. I don't understand why some believe that our workers are the ones standing in the way of our economic recovery--indeed, they are the ones driving it."

The bill, scheduled for a vote in the House this evening, would:

· Require that workers wait a minimum of 35 days after filing a petition to hold an election on forming a union,

· Allow frivolous lawsuits by employers to stop and delay the election process, and

· Let employers gerrymander the workers allowed to vote for the union.

"Over the last decade, families have seen their jobs outsourced and their incomes fall, all while CEOs have gotten bigger and bigger bonuses. Here's yet another attack on the American worker and their incredible value to our economy and country," said Pingree. "If a group of workers wants to consider having a voice in their working conditions, let them decide. They don't need Washington and wealthy interests telling them what to do."

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