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Boehner: "No Serious Objection" Justifying Dems' Delay of Thousands of New American Energy Jobs


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Yesterday, the House passed bipartisan legislation -- the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act - to immediately accelerate the creation of 20,000 American energy jobs and roll back government barriers blocking the creation of thousands more. Now, it is up to President Obama and Senate Democrats to pass the bill or act on an alternative that can pass the Senate. That was Congressman John Boehner's (R-West Chester) message today in an interview with Politico's Mike Allen, where he discussed the House-passed Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act that not only extends the payroll tax break -- one of President Obama's top priorities -- but also includes several common ground jobs proposals supported by both Democrats and Republicans, like the Keystone XL energy project. Here's more:

BOEHNER: "If you want to look at those things that will help create jobs, and help create them immediately, the Keystone Pipeline could be no better example. The president says the American people can't wait. Well, guess what? They can't wait. Then there's the Secretary of State said, "well, you know, this Keystone issue in this bill creates an arbitrary deadline.' The only thing that is arbitrary about the deadline is the president deciding-- well, I don't really want to decide this until after the next election. Come on, we've had three years of studies. Everything is done, everybody knows this is going to be approved. Why don't we do it? And put 20,000 Americans to work, another 100,000 Americans that will be affected indirectly by the construction of this pipeline. So, if it's all about jobs, then it ought to be about jobs."

As Congressman Boehner noted, President Obama has said the American people "can't wait" for jobs, but that is exactly what he is forcing them to with the arbitrary decision to punt on the Keystone pipeline project. That decision (or lack thereof) is being abetted by Senate Democrats who refuse to pass the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act, despite the fact that members of their own party have made clear that the Keystone project is exactly "the kind of economic activity we need" to "provide thousands of high-quality jobs for Americans." As Congressman Boehner put it, there are "no serious objections" (see: Myth vs. Fact) holding back passage of the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act, and Senate Democrats ought to pass it without delay or act on an alternative that can pass the Senate:

BOEHNER: "Listen, The House has acted on the jobs bill. We did it last night. And really the President has…there's no serious objections with this; may not be quite the way they would put it together. But there were Democrat ideas in this bill, there were Republican ideas, and while we have our fights over issues and strongly held beliefs, the American people expect us to find common ground and move the ball down the field. And I think that's exactly what we have in this package. It's going to go over to the United States Senate and it's time for the United States Senate to act. Listen, my House colleagues, Democrats and Republicans, have heard all and more than they've ever wanted to hear about why the Senate can't do this and why the Senate can't do that. Well, guess what? It's time for the United States Senate to act, and they're going to act. Because we can sit here and stare each other in the face for as long as it takes, but they are going to act."

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