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Providing for our Workforce and Energy Resources Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LANDRY. Mr. Speaker, when I talk to business owners around the country, there are two things that I hear prevent them from putting Americans back to work, and that is regulatory uncertainty and inequity in government regulations.

Both the industry and the administration have confirmed the existence of ambiguity in the current law governing energy development on the Outer Continental Shelf. This is creating uncertainty and inequity, affecting job creation.

This bill corrects the problem and strengthens our renewable energy industry by giving our stakeholders the information needed to make the right business decisions and investments. It levels the playing field for all industries operating on the Outer Continental Shelf.

We agree that to effectively rid ourselves of foreign oil we need an all-of-the-above approach to energy development, and our laws should follow suit as this industry develops.

Both sides of the aisle don't often agree on ways to strengthen our energy independence and on ways to create jobs; however, this bill affords us the opportunity to do just that.

I'm proud to have bipartisan support for this bill and want to thank both the distinguished chairman from the State of Washington (Mr. Hastings) and the distinguished gentleman from New Jersey (Mr. Holt), who helped us on this bill.


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