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Help Our Economy Grow

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. YODER. Mr. Speaker, the American people are calling on government to help the economy grow, but apparently Washington still hasn't gotten the message. The onslaught of new government burdens on the economy have become unbearable; yet Federal regulators pile on more and more. So far this week alone, the Federal Register has over 1,799 pages of new rules and regulations facing our Nation's small business owners.

Mr. Speaker, complex and burdensome regulations drive up the cost of doing business and, therefore, drive up unemployment. A great example is the EPA's new Cross State Air Pollution Rule. This rule, to be imposed by January 1, will not only cause rolling brownouts in places like Kansas, but will dramatically drive up the cost of energy production, increasing the costs of doing business and, therefore, putting more people out of work.

Mr. Speaker, if both parties are serious about job creation in this country, then we must put a stop to the constant attacks on those who create jobs.

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