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Carson Statement on Lowe's Advertising Withdraw


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman André Carson issued today the following statement in response to Lowe's decision to withdraw its advertising support for the TLC reality show "All-American Muslim":

"Lowe's decision is regrettable. It runs contrary to our American ideal of combating expressions of hate and division while defending those oppressed by intolerance," Carson said.

"Lowe's has not only tolerated bigotry, it has given in to the demands of a group who seeks only to ostracize an entire community of faith."

"This show highlights the typical Muslim experience to many Americans who do not have exposure to the Muslim community. It highlights our shared experiences and shows that Muslim lives are the same as anyone else's. The families in the show work hard, support their children in school, celebrate with their families, engage in social activities, work in their community, and labor under the same pressures."

"Lowe's should be celebrating and promoting this show, because it pushes against the misunderstanding that often surrounds the Muslim-American experience. Instead, they succumbed to the demands of a fringe group intent on tearing our communities apart.

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