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Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CROWLEY. Mr. Chairman, I rise in strong opposition to the so-called Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act. The sponsor of this bill recently said it would remove an obstacle standing in the way of a stronger and more competitive workforce. I find that statement puzzling. This bill, if passed, would actually make the organization process even longer, less efficient, and more litigious. It would drag out union elections so that the deck is stacked even higher against American workers.

But the truth is unions have been at the forefront of workers' rights for over a century in the United States. They've been instrumental in achieving the 40-hour work week, the right to collectively bargain, safer workplaces, and the guarantee of compensation for injuries sustained on the job. They have created an entire generation of middle class Americans and helped build the most prosperous country in the world today. I think we'd all agree that unions have made the American workforce stronger.

So how can legislation that makes it harder to form unions strengthen the American workforce? If someone has an answer, I'd like to know. If not, then let's get back to the job of creating jobs for the American people, strengthening the economy, and creating more jobs for these people. I urge Members to vote ``no'' on this bill.


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