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$99,000 for the 99%

Press Release

Location: Manchester, NH

The Buddy Roemer for President campaign is proud to announce it will be conducting its first "money bomb" in honor of the 99% of Americans that suffer at the misdeeds of the 1%. Our goal is to raise $99,000 beginning Wednesday, December 7. Roemer has been making news headlines in the last few weeks due to his insurgent campaign based on representing the 99% and will spend all money raised toward New Hampshire.

"We're excited to announce the $99,000 money bomb in honor of the 99% which will allow us to continue to expose the corruptive influence of money in politics and the abuses of Wall Street and K Street," said Roemer Campaign Manager Carlos Sierra.

"Other candidates are bought and paid for by special interests because they take the big checks from so-called "independent' SuperPAC's," said Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer. "Huntsman takes money from his daddy and acts surprised. Romney takes anonymous million dollar checks from shell corporations founded by former associates and acts surprised. Gingrich takes money from whatever big-government agency will give it to him and acts surprised. This system only serves the 1% of wealthy Americans who can buy favorable policies with their contributions. It stinks, and the 99% know it," said Roemer.

The $99,000 money bomb in honor of the 99% will run from Wednesday, December 7 at 12:01am to Friday, December 9 at 11:59pm. Unlike all of the other campaigns, Governor Roemer does not accept PAC or special interest money. Donations are limited to $100 per individual, so that Americans know that Buddy is Free to Lead. Funds raised from the 3-day money bomb will go to pay for advertising in the First in the Nation Primary in New Hampshire. Those interested in supporting Governor Roemer's message of protecting American jobs and eliminating the corruptive influence of money in politics are encouraged to join the money bomb at

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