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Congressman Guinta is Wrong

Press Release

Location: Manchester, NH

Governor Buddy Roemer today responded to the statement made by U.S. Representative Frank Guinta (R-NH) that lauded the passage of a bill that would eliminate one of the best methods of protecting our political system from corruption -- the voluntary public financing of presidential campaigns. As many Granite Staters know, the U.S. House recently voted 235 -- 190 for a bill that would to do away with the presidential matching funds system.

In a press release, Congressman Guinta misleadingly says that the measure will "do away with waste and duplication" and "return millions to the public treasury" despite the fact that contributions to the system are voluntary.

Governor Buddy Roemer, one of America's leading advocates of campaign finance reform, called out the Congressman for his hypocrisy:

"It is not lost on Granite State voters that Congressman Guinta was the subject of 2 FEC complaints regarding a loan he issued to his campaign while running for Congress, and which he failed to report. Guinta's explanation, or lack thereof, is less than compelling according to reports I've read. Whether Guinta's explanation holds any water or not is for the voters and the FEC to decide, but one would think Guinta would be the first to support voluntary public financing of campaigns that help to end corruption."

"Perhaps it's Guinta's zeal to be seen as a thrifty Congressman who can cut wasteful spending. And instead of cutting taxes, which would be more impressive, he proposes to appropriate contributions that patriotic Americans have voluntarily made to the election system! That's not the type of reform Americans are looking for, Mr. Guinta."

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