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GOP No Jobs Agenda

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DEUTCH. Mr. Speaker, we've entered the 12th month of the Republican majority in this House, and if the past 11 are any indication, December will be a continuation of the GOP no jobs agenda.

My colleagues in the majority have shown no interest in tackling America's real economic challenges, no interest in the fact that small business owners say that weak sales, not government regulation, are the main source of their struggle.

No interest in the fact that it is tax relief for middle class families, not tax giveaways to corporations and to billionaires that our economy needs to boost consumer demand, and no interest in preventing the expiration of unemployment benefits for millions of struggling families and the havoc it would wreak on our economy. Mr. Speaker the majority's interest seems focused on one thing: an election still nearly a year away.

Americans wants Congress to work for them. It's time we stand up for the middle class. Working families need us to work for them.

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