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Americans Deserve Better

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. MACK. Mr. Speaker, I think there are a lot of people back home who are watching this debate unfold, and more importantly, are watching the Congress and the administration. And, you know, I think a lot of people at home are scratching their head. They're saying we the people are outraged at this administration and this Congress. And they should be.

The White House and their liberal allies in Congress and the media go on a nonstop bashing of a group of Americans who are productive and hardworking. Class warfare is as despicable as any other type of stereotyping, and putting citizen against citizen for political gain is outrageous and it's wrong.

Listen to this. The people are told that a tax cut is a tax increase or a tax increase isn't really a tax increase because there are savings that can be made elsewhere. That doesn't even make sense. Only in Washington can someone say we have to pay for a tax cut. Think about that. What we're saying is, what Washington is saying is, we have to pay for a tax cut. Well, whose money is it? Government doesn't make money. It's the people's money. Yet somehow up here in Washington we keep saying we have to pay for a tax increase. It's that hardworking family that has earned that money. It is not Washington's money.

And people, frankly, I think are disgusted with the notion that somehow the paradigm in Washington is we have to pay for a tax cut. It's their money. Something is very wrong here, and this body is part of the problem.

Let's put out the facts; facts, not spin. Government money doesn't exist. That's a fact. It's the people's money.

Here's another fact. If there are projects that can be cut, they should be cut. They shouldn't be traded like futures in the stock market. If we believe that we ought to extend the payroll tax cut extension, let's extend it. Let's stop playing games about moving money around from one program to another or keeping a bucket of projects or programs that we can save to cut at a time to bargain for something else.

It's time that we get serious, and the American people are saying they've had enough. They've had enough of what they're seeing here in Washington.

Let me say this one more time. Pitting American against American is un-American and outrageous and deserves the condemnation of each and every one of us in this Congress. This is not the America we know and love. We the people deserve better.

I yield back the balance of my time.

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