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Pelosi Statement on 35th Anniversary of Congressional Hispanic Caucus


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Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today marking the 35th anniversary of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. This evening, Leader Pelosi will deliver remarks at a reception in the Capitol in honor of the anniversary.

"Thirty-five years ago, five Hispanic Members of Congress united behind a uniquely American idea: to "form a more perfect union' by putting the dream of opportunity in reach for every American. This idea reflected a vision of our country rooted in civil rights, driven by the promise of equality -- our heritage and our hope. It formed the foundation for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus -- more than a group of Members, but a force for justice in Congress and a vehicle for positive change nationwide.

"Over the course of the CHC's history, the Members of this caucus have been more than leaders for a single community; they have been leaders for Congress and the country. CHC Members have taken on roles as committee chairs and ranking members and leaders in our Democratic Caucus, and they have always reflected the deep diversity within America's Hispanic community. On every issue of consequence to the American people, the CHC has stood at the forefront of progress -- from more jobs and better schools, to affordable health care and comprehensive immigration reform. Through the CHCI, they mentor, educate, and inspire the next generation.

"Today, the CHC continues to serve as a principled voice for the challenges facing Hispanic Americans and all Americans: the urgent need to put people to work, strengthen our middle class and small businesses, and grow our economy. Working together, bound by the best traditions of the CHC, the vision of its founders, and the legacy of all of its Members, we will build ladders of success for the Americans people and reignite the American dream for all."

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