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Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2011

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HENSARLING. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

Mr. Chairman, it was just a few weeks ago that our Nation celebrated Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, in the Obama economy, millions could not give thanks for having a job. In the Obama economy, unemployment remains mired at near or above 9 percent. In the Obama economy, one in seven are on food stamps. In the Obama economy, we have seen the fewest small business startups in 17 years.

That's why, Mr. Chairman, jobs are job number one for House Republicans.

That's why our jobs bills have been passed; but, unfortunately, 25 of them are stacking up like cord wood in the Democratic-controlled Senate. After today, it will be 26 because one of the most important pro-jobs bills is on the floor today, the REINS Act.

Mr. Chairman, whether I'm speaking to Fortune 50 CEOs out of Dallas, Texas, where I reside, or small business people in east Texas that I have the privilege of representing in this body, they all tell me the same thing: the number one impediment to jobs in America today is the Federal regulatory burden.

I hear from them each and every day. I heard from the Grasch family in the Fifth District of Texas:

``As a small business, I have to bring in an additional thousand dollars a month to break even.'' He's talking about his regulatory burden. ``This is while consumers have less money to purchase my services. I will not invest in any further expansion and therefore not hiring until smarter policies are being conveyed from Washington.''

I heard from the Rossa family, also in the Fifth District, who talks about the regulatory burden from the President's health care plan:

``My company has laid off all staff, and I myself will file for unemployment on Monday. That's about 23 people added to the unemployment rolls next week,'' again due to Federal regulation.

I heard from the Nixon family in the Fifth District of Texas. Federal regulation, again:

``We are giving up this part of our business. One person's losing their job. This is just one small example of how excessive government regulation is stifling business.''

It's the number one impediment, and all we're asking today with the REINS Act is that if a regulation is going to cost our economy jobs, if it's going to cost a hundred million dollars or more, let's have congressional approval. It's common sense. It forces accountability. It simply weighs the benefit of a regulation to be balanced with the cost to our own jobs.

Jobs ought to be number one in this House, and the number one jobs bill we can pass is the REINS Act. I ask for once that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle join me, and let's put America back to work.


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