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Support for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Brian Bilbray (CA-50) today issued the following statement regarding his support for H.J. Res 2, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution:

"This week, our national debt reached an unprecedented $15 trillion, which is the equivalent of $127,900 owed by every U.S. household. Forty-Three cents of every dollar is borrowed. This kind of government spending is unsustainable and diminishes the future of our grandchildren.

If we want to make permanent cuts to federal spending--cuts that cannot be undone by future Congresses--a constitutional amendment is the only answer. That is why I strongly supported the balanced budget amendment today, to take the first step toward putting in place a framework to end wasteful Washington spending once and for all." -- Rep. Brian Bilbray, Represents California's 50th Congressional District

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