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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BACA. Madam Speaker, this year will be a very difficult holiday season for millions of Americans looking for jobs. Sadly, these families are not getting the help they deserve from the Republicans here in Congress.

We have now reached 337 days of Republican control here in the House, and we still do not have a jobs plan from the Republicans.

Benefits for over 6 million unemployed Americans are about to expire. And now, to make matters worse, Republicans are creating uncertainty for the 160 million middle class families by stalling and extending the payroll tax cut.

Why are these Americans forced to wait? Because Republicans refuse to ask those making more than a million dollars to pay their fair share. Millionaires are not paying their fair share.

We must act now on those lifelines of the middle class and allow the Bush tax cuts for the ultrarich to expire. No new taxes, no jobs. No new taxes, no new jobs. We must pass a responsible tax plan that extends the unemployment benefits and gets the economy moving again.

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