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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BACA. Madam Speaker, with the unemployment in the Inland Empire above 13 percent and home foreclosures at a record level, families in my congressional district are hurting. And now, if Congress does not act soon, these struggling families will face a $1,000 tax increase. And why are our families facing this deadline? Because the Republicans refuse to ask those making more than a million dollars a year to contribute their fair share.

The Republican obsession with extending the Bush tax for the ultra rich has led to the failure of the supercommittee. We all know the Bush tax cuts were a horrible failure. They didn't produce jobs here in the United States. They didn't create any new jobs. They dug us into a $15 trillion debt. And now the Republicans want to permanently extend this madness.

It can't just be my way or the highway. Let's stop this gridlock. Let's pass a jobs bill. Let's work together on a balanced budget.

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