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Scott Reacts to Vote on Balanced Budget Amendment

Press Release

Location: Unknown

U.S. Congressman Austin Scott (GA-08) released the following statement today following the House's vote on H.J. Res 2., or the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA). Additionally, video clips from both the BBA press conference and Rep. Scott's remarks from the Floor of the House of Representatives are also included below:

"Today, I was proud to cast my vote for the Balanced Budget Amendment, but I was disappointed that some colleagues put politics ahead of our economic prosperity. It is time that politicians in Washington stop putting the next election ahead of the next generation. I was sent here by my constituents to work to put our country back on a fiscally responsible path that allows our job creators to do what they do best--create jobs. I firmly believe that the BBA is a vital step on that path. Despite the outcome of today's vote, I will continue to fight for permanent remedies to cure our government's out-of-control-spending habits."

Congressman Scott joined his colleagues for a press conference to promote the BBA. In response to a question regarding tax revenues, Rep. Scott argued that the BBA would lead to higher receipts at the treasury not through higher tax rates, but through better economic policy that leads to job creation: "You take a man out of the unemployment line, or a woman out of the unemployment line and put them in the paycheck line, that's how you get higher revenues for the federal government. I think this not only helps us with regard to spending, but it helps us pass good policy that helps get Americans back to work."

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