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Statement on U.S. Debt Surpassing $15 Trillion


Location: Washington, DC

Today the United States' national debt toppled the $15 Trillion mark, officially surpassing America's total Gross Domestic Product.
"Today is a sad and scary day in this country. The grim realities of our dangerous fiscal situation could not be clearer. Across the globe we are witnessing firsthand the perilous ramifications of fiscal irresponsibility. We as a country must act now if we want to maintain our standing as the globe's leader of power and prosperity.

"Getting our fiscal house in order is an absolute must in rebuilding the strength and stability of our economy and getting America working again. We cannot sit idly by while our unsustainable debt burden continues to skyrocket. We must be realistic about the drivers of our debt, and tackle real reforms to mandatory spending that will preserve our country's safety net programs from bankruptcy. Unfortunately President Obama has offered no real leadership, and instead remains committed to more borrowing, more spending, and more taxes.

"It is time for real solutions that will guide our country out from this crushing avalanche of debt and back to a growing and prosperous economy. The House has now passed over 16 pro-growth, pro-jobs bills that have been left to languish in the Democrat controlled Senate. I will continue to fight for real answers to cutting spending, reducing our dangerous national debt, growing our economy and getting America back to work."

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