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The Birmingham News - Alabama GOP Leaders Chastise President, Say Federal Government Derelict on Immigration Issues

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Location: Montgomery, AL

By Kim Chandler

Republican leaders today said the federal government should be sending Alabama accolades and thank you notes instead of lawsuits for trying to addressing the problem of illegal immigration
"President Obama should be sending the state of Alabama, the state of Georgia, the state of Arizona and every other state that is proactive on illegal aliens a thank you note. Congress should be sending those states thank you notes for helping the federal government do a job that the federal government has been derelict in doing," said U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Huntsville
"Instead, this president and this judiciary department is sending a lawsuit. That is the exact wrong thing. That is encouraging illegal conduct," Brooks said.
Brooks, Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead and Rep. John Merrill , R-Tuscaloosa, said held a press conference this morning to praise Alabama's sweeping and controversial immigration law. While they applauded the law, nearly a several members of Congress are scheduled to speak in Birmingham tonight to rally for the law's repeal.

Brooks said he understand that some people want to have compassion for illegal immigrants, but he said that needs to be weighed with a sense of compassion for Americans who have lost jobs or tax dollars -- or have been the victim of crime because of illegal immigration.

"Start thinking in terms of compassion for Americans whose lives would be better if we had a sound immigration policy and we enforced it," Brooks said.
Brooks said Alabama and other states, including Georgia and Arizona, had to address illegal immigration because of a "dereliction of duty by the federal government."

"I want everybody to know how proud I am of the state of Alabama and the Alabama Legislature for taking such a lead role on a very important issue to the American people," Brooks said.

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