Gov. Roemer Announces Anti-Corruption in D.C. Pledge

Press Release

By:  Buddy Roemer III
Date: Dec. 5, 2011
Location: Manchester, NH

Governor Buddy Roemer today announced his "Anti-Corruption in Washington, D.C. Pledge," which is a five point pledge designed to remove the corrupting influence of big checks in our federal government. Governor Roemer has made campaign finance reform the cornerstone of his presidential campaign, vowing not to accept any donation from special interests, and limiting his individual contributions to $100 per person. The pledge is for any candidate for federal office.

"Obviously, we know that most politicians do not want to limit themselves to $100," said Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer. "But we have to start somewhere, and this is a good starting point."

The pledge says that the candidate will work to eliminate corruption in the capital, will pass legislation making the limit on PAC contributions the same as individuals (currently $2,500), will not take money from lobbyists, will not circumvent the Citizens United ruling by coordinating with SuperPAC's, will not take money from any entity that does not have full disclosure of its donors, and will report donations within 48 hours. Roemer also stressed that the pledge requires "criminal penalties for violations of the law."

The pledge is being released along with a video produced by the campaign, entitled "Romney vs. Romney on Campaign Finance Reform," in which Governor Romney from 1994 ("Good" Romney) extols the corrupting influence of money in politics, a great departure from his current willingness to receive and spend money from unknown sources.

"I think Mitt Romney should be the first one to sign this pledge," says Roemer. "Back in 1994, when he was the upstart running for U.S. Senate against the incumbent Ted Kennedy, he was the first to complain and moan about the corrupting influence of money. He actually said he thinks PAC's should be illegal. Look at him now -- 3 SuperPAC's and over $17 million spent on this second Presidential campaign, not counting SuperPAC's. Does anyone doubt that if you hang around politics long enough you learn how to capitulate to the special interests?"

"Whenever anyone asks me if I should first get elected before I go about changing the system, I tell them that's the worst way to create change. It never happens. My campaign is about showing that you can run clean, you can run with integrity, and you can keep your promises. I challenge Mitt Romney and every candidate for federal office to stand up for something more important than their own election."

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