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Congressman Cantor: There Are Not Enough New Jobs, We Need To Stay Focused On Creating Opportunity

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

"Today's unemployment numbers certainly look good on the surface; when the rate of unemployment comes down that's always good news. However, there are just not enough new jobs being created in America. We need to work harder towards that end to be able to provide people with a better opportunity.

"I know Americans are looking for some optimism around the holidays. We continue to stay focused on areas in which we can find common ground. This session we have been able to find some common ground with the President when it came to the trade bills and the 3% withholding bill. There is an ability for us to set aside some differences and to find some common ground and we look as House Republicans to continue to try and find those ways.

"Now, there are plenty of areas in which we disagree, but we don't believe we ought to start there. We ought to set those aside. We don't believe in higher taxes and we don't believe in more spending. But we do want to work with this President to find common ground and see how we can create jobs. So if we can't see our way forward on those bigger issues, let's look towards how we can make incremental progress day by day to help the lives of Americans and to create more jobs for families across this country."

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