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Votes for Balanced Budget Amendment to Constitution


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ), Vice Chairman of the House Budget Committee and Chairman of the Republican Study Committee's (RSC) Budget and Spending Task Force, issued the following statement today after voting for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution:

"While I would have preferred a stronger balanced budget amendment--one that protects Americans from the threat of higher taxes and caps government spending at 18% of GDP--I was proud to cast my vote today in support of a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. Not only will a balanced budget amendment ensure that we rein in out of control spending and start paying down our exploding national debt, it would signal to the American business community that Washington is finally ready to make the tough decisions necessary to get our economy back on track. Until we prove we are taking serious steps to address our debt crisis, the private sector won't feel comfortable growing their businesses and creating jobs for Americans. It's unfortunate House Democrats did not rise to the occasion today to capitalize on this historic moment to protect our children and grandchildren from the crushing burden of debt and lay the groundwork for our economic recovery."

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