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The Balanced Budget Amendment

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PALAZZO. Mr. Speaker, every month Americans sit down at kitchen tables or computers to balance their checkbooks and bank accounts to ensure their spending doesn't overwhelm their way of living. I've been at that kitchen table for those discussions. Now the United States Congress is finally coming to the table to have a similar discussion with the American people.

By passing a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, we tell the American people we are serious about putting our financial house in order. No longer will we overpromise and overspend at the expense of trillions of dollars and our children's future.

This week I will stand with my colleagues to support a notion that seems foreign within the beltway, that we cannot spend more than we take in. The fact that this is a radical concept in Washington, D.C., demonstrates just how out of touch this town has become and how far we have to go. But getting to where we need to be won't occur without the critical step we take this week to pass a balanced budget amendment. This action puts us in line towards economic recovery, sustainability, and, above all else, with the needs and priorities of the American people.

I urge my colleagues to support the balanced budget amendment.

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