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Governor Christie: The War on Drugs Isn't Working


Location: Unknown

Governor Chris Christie: I think the people who started the war on drugs had the best of intentions and I'm not in any way denigrating their intentions and what they tried to do, and that there hasn't been some successes because there has. But I think that we need to do much different and much better than what we've done. And I don't believe that the only weapon we use against the drug problem is incarceration. I just don't think it's worked. And I think we see it over and over again that there's evidence that it hasn't. Does there have to be an element of incarceration? Absolutely. Especially for violent offenders. Understand, everything I'm talking about here is for non-violent offenders. You commit and act of violence, then you're going to have to go to the back of the line, because we can't be rewarding people who engage in violence. But our experience tells us that there's a lot of folks, who are non-violent drug offenders, who are spending a lot of time in our county and state prisons and not being treated for the underlying addiction that's the problem that drives their continued involvement in crime.

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