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Stop the Madness: Democrats Reject Balanced Budget Amendment


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Every day you struggle to balance your budget. It isn't easy, but you make ends meet. I believe the government should play by the same rules, but apparently not everyone agrees because on Friday 161 House Democrats voted against the balanced budget amendment. I believe it is a needed step to tighten America's purse strings and get us back on a path to fiscal prosperity.

The fight for a balanced budget amendment has been a long one, and I've been on the front lines since the day I was sworn into office. In fact the first thing I did as a Congressman was introduce the tax limitation balanced budget amendment. The goal was simple -tackle the $1.8 trillion we owed in debt back then. It's unbelievable that $1.8 trillion seems like pocket change compared to the debt we're in now.

Yesterday, our national debt reached a whopping 15 TRILLION dollars. That's more than $48,000 per U.S. citizen, that includes your kids and grandkids. And the situation continues to get worse. In the 3 years since President Obama took office, the federal debt has risen $4.41 trillion. The word "trillion" has ceased to hold meaning for the current administration.

To put into perspective the unfathomable amount that is a trillion dollars, here are some things a trillion dollars could get you:

* With a trillion dollars, you could afford to buy every major sports team on the planet.
* With a trillion dollars, you could give every single person on the planet about $143 dollars each.

You could do those 15 TIMES before reaching America's current debt amount.

It's is well past time for a balanced budget amendment, and about 74% of all Americans agree.

You live within your means and there is no reason Congress can't do the same. The topic of a balanced budget is brought up every time I visit with constituents. Y'all aren't shy about voicing your concerns and telling me what we can do to fix this financial mess. People are frustrated with the way Congress throws around their hard-earned dollars like spoiled teenagers. We need a balanced budget to control the amount we spend so that our children can grow up without the burden of debt they currently have. We can't wait around for the country to get better on its own. The time to act is now.

Spending pledges, caps, and commitments are always temporary. What one Congress cuts, the next can always un-cut. What one president may view as reckless spending, another may see as worthy "investments."America needs a permanent solution.

At the end of the day, the debate about a balanced budget amendment boils down to creating secure, permanent jobs and a fiscally sound America. It won't be easy, but I have faith that we will stand back up, brush ourselves off, and return to the prosperous America that has done so much for so many. I will do everything within my power to get this country back on its feet. My employers live in the 6th District of Texas, and I plan on continuing to represent them fully by doing what they sent me to Washington to do. I have been fighting for a balanced budget since day one and I won't stop now.

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