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Enough of Failed Washington Gimmicks, Congress Needs to Make Tough Decisions


Location: New Iberia, LA

Following today's announcement that the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction ("Super Committee") can't agree on at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction, Congressman Jeff Landry (R, LA-03) called on his colleagues to end the Washington games and do their elected duties:

"I voted against the Washington gimmick that increased our nation's debt and created the super disaster Super Committee because I recognized our nation's future is more important than a short-term deal. Those who supported the debt ceiling increase don't have a right to be disappointed by today's news because they knew it was just another Washington trick. It's no wonder people have such a low opinion of Congress; even when they punt the tough decisions to a small group meeting in secret, they can't get it right. This is just another example of Congress doing what it's always done year after year: waste our hard-earned tax dollars and handcuff our debt to future generations. New people like me came here to get Congress to focus on reality and make the tough decisions. It's time the Washington politicians join our calls to concentrate on the bottom-line, balance America's budget, and end business as usual."

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