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Landry Fights to Balance America's Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Honoring a pledge he made as a candidate, Congressman Jeff Landry (R, LA-03) continued his fight to balance America's budget by voting in support of H.J.Res 2 -- a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

"Since taking office, I have honored the pledge I made to my constituents and worked tirelessly to send a Balanced Budget Amendment to the states for ratification," said Landry. "Yet, during the debt ceiling debate -- when Congress had the real chance to do so, Washington politicians chose the disastrous Super Committee not a Balanced Budget Amendment."

"A Balanced Budget Amendment will finally handcuff Washington from continuing to recklessly spend, borrow, and bail out everything under the sun," continued Landry. "Making deals, like raising the debt ceiling and creating the Super Committee, just kick the can down the road; a Balanced Budget Amendment is the prescription Congress needs to cure Washington's addiction to spending."

"However, I am disappointed that the Balanced Budget Amendment we considered today did not go far enough; it did not tie future spending to a percentage of GDP or require a super majority vote in order to enact a tax increase," explained Landry. "Though it was not my favorite Balanced Budget Amendment, this negotiated version should have passed. I am dismayed by the liberals' utter disregard for the American taxpayers."

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