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The Forgotten 15

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PENCE. Well, with a national government seemingly incapable of confronting a mountain range of debt and a national media preoccupied with politics, I have to tell you, Mr. Speaker, as I travel across the State of Indiana, one thing is clear: In the city or on the farm, Hoosier families are hurting. Unemployment in the State of Indiana is a heartbreaking 8.9 percent, and Hoosiers want action on jobs.

Now, the President is traveling around the country talking about his legislation. He says that the American people can't wait to take action on jobs, and let me just say, I couldn't agree more. The good news is House Republicans have a plan, and House Republicans have taken action.

Since the first of this year, House Republicans have passed no less than 15 different pieces of legislation to create jobs in America. These are commonsense, bipartisan bills that have passed the House of Representatives and are now languishing in the Senate. We call them the forgotten 15. Among the forgotten 15 is legislation to increase domestic energy production, reduce the harmful Federal regulatory burden on jobs, help unemployed veterans, and the rest.

I urge my colleagues in the other body to take action on the forgotten 15. We can't wait. Let's take the measures necessary to put Americans back to work.

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