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Rivera: Keystone Pipeline Delay Puts Politics Ahead of America's Economic Wellbeing


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman David Rivera (FL-25) released the following statement on the delay of the Keystone XL pipeline project today:

"President Obama has decided to play politics with an issue that intersects at the avenues of jobs, foreign affairs and energy.

"By postponing the approval of the Keystone pipeline, out of a concern for his own electoral future, the President has jeopardized 20,000 American jobs, something we can ill afford at a time of nine percent unemployment.

"Ironically, while the Obama Administration is preventing our neighbor and friend, Canada, from completing the Keystone pipeline project, it is facilitating drilling less than 90 miles from the coast of my home state of Florida by a designated State Sponsor of Terrorism. The Obama Administration is sending a mixed foreign policy message that seems to say that America is willing to offend our allies while allowing enemies like Cuba to engage in activities that could harm our nation's environment and economy.

"The President's decision to postpone the Keystone pipeline project until after he attempts to win reelection has forced TransCanada's hand to find alternatives for where to sell their substantial oil reserves. The company has primarily been looking at building a pipeline to Canada's west coast that would allow them to sell oil to the Chinese. As America's opportunity to decrease our dependence on oil from the Middle East slips through our fingers with the postponement of the Keystone project, China is picking up our slack and taking advantage of the situation.

"Mr. President, this is not a time to put politics ahead of our nation's economic wellbeing. This is a time to lead."

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