Gov. Buddy Roemer Statement on Obamacare


By:  Buddy Roemer III
Date: Nov. 21, 2011
Location: Manchester, NH

Governor Buddy Roemer today released the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's acceptance of three cases involving Obamacare, or the requirement that individuals must purchase government approved health insurance by 2014:

"I applaud the Supreme Court for granting certiorari in these cases, and say "It's about time.' I am confident the Supreme Court will rule consistent with what the American people already know: the Commerce Clause has been overly expanded by the Obama administration, resulting in a loss of individual freedom. We are headed in the wrong direction with Obamacare, towards a system of less choice, less competition, lower quality healthcare, and higher premiums. As President, I will move us in the right direction -- more choice, more competition, better health care for Americans."

"Once Obamacare is ruled to be unconstitutional, I will do the hard work as President of replacing it with a health care system that works. I don't hear the other Presidential candidates discussing real reforms. It's easy enough to criticize Obamacare. It's harder to propose a working system in its place."

"Maybe it's because I'm a 40 year diabetic that I care so much about this issue. Maybe it's because I am not bought and paid for by big pharmaceutical companies or Super PAC's. But whatever the reason, I will bring real reform to the health care industry. Specifically, I would:

1) Make insurance companies subject to the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, so that they could not have 50 separate monopolies in each state;
2) Make pharmaceutical companies compete on price (they are specifically exempted under Obamacare currently);
3) Implement tort-reform, to lower the cost of insurance premiums; and
4) Provide incentives for medical providers to save money, by allowing them to keep 25% of savings if they maintain quality and pass on 75% of the savings to the consumer."

"That's real reform. I challenge the candidates who take special interest money to come up with something better."

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