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Roemer Supports "Stock Act" to End Insider Trading In Congress

Press Release

Location: Manchester, NH

In the wake of Sunday's 60 Minutes exposé on insider stock trading in the House and Senate, GOP Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer has come out to support The Stock Act, which aims to make such trading illegal. "My goal as President will be to bring integrity to Washington," says Roemer. "The American public should be horrified that Congress has exempted itself from insider trading rules that apply to everyone else."

Governor Roemer recently garnered national attention as the only Presidential candidate to come out in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement's Constitutional right to assemble and protest. He acknowledged that those in the movement may not know exactly what the solution is, "but they can smell that something is wrong with America. They know that there's something wrong when G.E. pays less in taxes than the average American family."

Roemer has also railed against the national debt, which just crossed the $15 trillion mark. "Congress seems to be unable to bring spending under control. This Super Committee looks like just another excuse to avoid dealing with our country's problems and kick the can down the road," said Roemer. "Our government is addicted to spending and if we don't make changes now, our very future as a prosperous nation is in doubt."

Governor Roemer has made reforming political fundraising a centerpiece of his campaign. He has set a voluntary limit of $100 per donor and posts donor names within 48 hours. His is the only campaign that has refused to take PAC money contributions. "I may be raising less money than the other candidates, but I don't owe any special interest anything -- I'm free to lead, and to do what's right for the country."

Buddy Roemer is a four term congressman and former Governor of Louisiana, where he defeated 16-year Governor Edwin Edwards who eventually served 10 years in prison for corruption. He has returned to political life after 20 years in the private sector, during which time he founded a successful small business bank that did not take a dime of bailout money and did not foreclose on a single customer. He is the only GOP candidate with congressional, gubernatorial and business experience.

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