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Keystone Pipeline


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At a time when our Country is facing an unemployment rate of over nine percent, I just do not understand President Obama's decision to push back the timeline for the development of the Keystone XL pipeline. This action delays the creation of thousands of jobs and limits our ability to develop domestic energy resources. This decision just goes against commonsense.

In my view, we must do all that we can to get this economy moving. The Keystone XL pipeline has the capacity to diversify America's resources, create thousands of jobs, and secure a future for America where energy is produced domestically, instead of America relying on a turbulent Middle East to meet our energy needs. Building this pipeline would not only ensure America's relationship with our number one energy trading partner, Canada, but it would also spur job creation, which in turn leads to greater economic security and individual success.

I'm extremely disappointed that the Administration would play politics with the U.S. economy and the energy future of our country. Placing a delay on such a significant economic opportunity does nothing to improve our nine percent unemployment rate.

Simply put, we need this pipeline. We need the stability that would go hand- in-hand with our ability to create reliable and affordable energy. We need the security that would accompany the estimated 118,000 spin-off jobs to local businesses located along Keystone XL's more than 1,600-mile-long route stretching from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. But most importantly, we need this pipeline and the 20,000 new jobs attached to the construction and manufacturing of it.

The bottom line is that Canada can either send this energy to the United States or to other countries, such as China. We need to keep North American energy in North America, which is another reason why I support the Keystone XL pipeline.

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