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Rich Responds to Balanced Budget Amendment Vote


Location: Washington, DC

Following the House vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, Rep. Rich Nugent (FL-05) issued the following statement.:

"Today, the House voted down what may be the greatest chance we have left of saving this nation. The terms are that stark. Twenty-five Democrats joined us in what was otherwise a party-line vote. Every day I hear members of Congress, liberal and conservative, talk about how much they care about reducing the deficit, putting America's fiscal house in order, and not saddling all of this debt on our children and grandchildren. Today they had a chance to prove it once and for all. They didn't. Many of the people who voted no, supported the Balanced Budget Amendment when it came up in 1995. I don't know what they have seen in the last 15 years to give them confidence about Congress' ability to resist its own temptations. I certainly haven't seen anything to give me that confidence.

"I will keep pushing because the people I represent believe this amendment is necessary. It is more critical than ever that the American people get engaged in what is going on in Washington.

"Congress lost the trust of the American people long ago. This was our chance to start earning it back. "

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