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House Republican Plan for America's Job Creators

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DesJARLAIS. If the Obama administration is serious about creating jobs for the American people, they should start by listening to America's job creators.

As part of my Tennessee Job Creators Tour, I've had the opportunity to meet with over 40 businesses. They have a clear message on how Washington can help create jobs: Get government spending under control; create a fair, flatter and simpler Tax Code; and repeal job-killing regulations that hurt their ability to do business and hire more workers.

House Republicans understand the importance of freeing our Nation's business owners from the confidence-killing threat of higher taxes and more regulation so that they can invest, grow, and hire. To accomplish this, we have passed a total of 17 job-creating bills this year, and they are now stuck in the Senate. Please go to and read the plan.

The Democrats' suggestion that ``poor sales'' are driving unemployment is shortsighted and out of touch, considering the overwhelming consensus among the businesses I have personally visited.

It's time for Senate Democrats and President Obama to follow our lead and pass these 17 bills.

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