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Duncan Supports Balanced Budget Amendment

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-Tenn.) voted in favor of a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution Friday, a measure he has long championed in the Congress.

The amendment failed to garner the two-thirds super majority needed for passage in the House of Representatives, however, with most Democrats joining together to block the measure.

"I have co-sponsored a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution ever since I was first elected to Congress," Duncan said. "This amendment would ensure we stop this ridiculous spending before it is too late."

This week, the U.S. national debt crossed over the $15 trillion threshold for the first time. Even more alarming, if future unfunded pension liabilities are factored in, the national debt soars to more than $60 trillion.

"These are mind-boggling, incomprehensible figures that no one can really even comprehend," Duncan said. "If we do not get our spending under control, it will not be too much longer before we cannot provide all of the things we have promised our own people with money that will be worth anything."

"There is waste in every federal department and agency, and the waste in the Defense and Homeland Security Departments is huge. If we balance our budget and bring spending and big government under control, this Nation could boom beyond belief," Duncan continued.

With Democrats controlling the U.S. Senate, it appears unlikely a similar measure will pass in that body.

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