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Governor Mead Calls on Attendees on Business Forum for Ideas to Help Wyoming Lead

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Governor Matt Mead spoke this morning at the Business Forum bearing his name, it continues tomorrow. The forum focuses on the success of Wyoming businesses and new opportunities to diversify the State's economy. Attendees are leaders in international, national and Wyoming business. Governor and the Wyoming Business Alliance/Wyoming Heritage Foundation partnered in sponsoring the forum emphasizing the role of business in jobs and the economy.

In his speech today Governor Mead said, "I am committed to creating a business environment for Wyoming that is even better than the one we have right now, a climate that is conducive to growth and economic development. I am open to new ideas and new strategies and this forum is a good place for me to hear those ideas and strategies."

Governor Mead noted that there is a lot of uncertainty nationally and globally about the economy. He said that part of the reason he wanted to hold this Business Forum was to examine factors from outside of the state that impact the people that live here. Governor Mead added that the other reason he wanted to hold the forum is that he is an optimist. "I am an optimist and as has been said about me I am fiercely competitive especially when it comes to Wyoming. I believe we can achieve great things and I have steadfast confidence in Wyoming businesses and people. I know we not only have the vision for a better future, but we have the ability to reach a better future."

Governor Mead said he believes Wyoming can lead in many areas and one of them is education. He said there are opportunities for students. "The economic engines that drive our state economy demand workers with knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Recognizing these realities I am initiating an effort to increase the number of STEM trained individuals in our state."

The speakers at the forum include many successful executives from Wyoming companies as well as Herb Allen, President and CEO of Allen and Company, James Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank, Foster Friess, Founder of the Brandywine Fund, Hank McKinnell, former CEO and Chair of Pfizer, Rich Walje, President of Rocky Mountain Power, and John Schopp, Vice President, North Rockies and New Ventures, Encana Oil and Gas.

One of the Wyoming companies featured at the Business Forum, Green House Data, announced today that it is building a new 25,000 square foot data center in Wyoming.

"I speak regularly about the potential for the data center industry in Wyoming and Green House Data is proof that there is more than potential, there are real advantages to operating a data center here," Governor Matt Mead said. "I am pleased the state was able to support this company and that after a thorough review of locations Wyoming remained the best fit for this new data center."

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