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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


Location: Washington, DC


SCHULTZ: I think we`re seeing the tide coming in on the sea change. I don`t know how else we can look at it. But what better road map could the Democrats have on what they have to do and what banner they must carry in 2012? Your thoughts -- where does it go from here?

WATERS: Well, I think you have characterized it correctly. It`s a road map. And it gives us the direction that we should go in order to win in 2012. And I think that people have been very clear in what they think
about some of this public policy that has oftentimes been distorted by the right wing.

As you said, as you look at Arizona and Mississippi and Ohio, not only did the people say we respect the right of workers to bargain, that organized labor worked very hard. A lot of sacrifices have been made. People died for the right to be protected in the workplace. And so that was very clear.

Mississippi, one of the most conservative states in the union, spoke up for women and said you will not criminalize abortion, that this personhood amendment goes way too far, and it was defeated. And so I am
just so elated and very pleased that it truly is a roadmap. For Democrats, we should take it and run, and we should be victorious in 2012 every seat that we go after, yes.

SCHULTZ: Take it and run is what it`s all about. Here`s the bottom line, as I see it. You`ve had some radical governors out there on the Republican side who just recently got elected in 2010 that have decided to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class and the backs of workers. Doesn`t this set the table for the Democrats to come right back and say, OK, the people have spoken. Now let`s make sure that the Bush tax cuts expire and let`s make sure that we go back to that 39 percent tax rate for the wealthiest Americans. What do you think of that?

WATERS: I absolutely think that is true. And this super committee that we have in the Congress right now as a result of the negotiations that went on in raising the debt ceiling should get this message. And they
should resist all attempts by the right wing and the Republicans and the Tea Party to try and again tax the middle class and not doing anything about that one percent that is --

SCHULTZ: I got to ask you, you make a great point there, but where is the Tea Party today? I mean, are they politically insignificant all of a sudden? Are they just taking a nap right now? Did they not get involved
in all of these votes? The Tea Party took a whipping last night, big-time. They took a loss at the polls, huge.

WATERS: They took a beating. They absolutely took a beating. And it was very interesting to watch Governor Kasich say, I was wrong. That the people have spoken. And while I have offered leadership, I understand what the people are saying. I thought that was very interesting, and hopefully that will send a message to the Republicans and to the right wing that the people have spoken, and they don`t intend to have their rights just given away or taken away by anybody.

SCHULTZ: Well, I got a little advice for all of those folks that live in states where there are radical governors who are tried to overreach. Bottom line here is you can`t trust Republicans. They have obstructed so
much in Washington. You can`t trust these Republican governors. And don`t make the same mistake twice, folks. I guarantee you, they may be talking the good game after the loss, but they`re going to get right back to work and they`re going to go right back after the middle class again, and they`re not going to come forward with any job proposals whatsoever because it`s in their DNA not to do it, because it would help the Democrats. And they know, really, it`s about power. It`s not about being on the correct
side of the issues with the people.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, great to have you with us tonight. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

WATERS: Thank you so very much.


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