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Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. MILLER of North Carolina. Madam Chair, exempting this funding source from SEC regulation is not all this bill does. It also prohibits the States from doing anything. This is not a case where the proponents of the bill are saying, let's not let the Federal Government do this; let's let the States do this. They say, no, the States can't touch it at all.

The people of the various States, using their right to vote, can't decide that in their State they want someone looking at what is being offered to mom-and-pop investors to make sure that they're not getting flim-flammed. That is a great deal of the investor protections that we've had in this country. It has been done at the State level, and this takes those cops off the beat altogether.

So if you think that the people of the States should be able to exercise their own judgment about whether they want their States looking at what is being offered to mom-and-pop investors, you should vote against this bill.


Mr. MILLER of North Carolina. Yes, that has to do with enforcement. But the bill prohibits the States from having up-front disclosure requirements so that a Secretary of State--who is typically the securities law enforcer in most States--can look at it, require disclosure, look at what the disclosures are, look at what is being offered is really what is there. Yes, the bill does, thanks to the gentleman from Colorado's good work----


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