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Republican No-Jobs Agenda

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SIRES. Mr. Speaker, it has been 43 weeks since Republicans took control of the House, and we have had 817 recorded votes, yet they have failed to pass a single bill to create jobs. In turn, they have actually voted against, blocked, or ignored an array of job-creating proposals, including the American Jobs Act as well as segments of the American Jobs Act.

There are 14 million Americans out of work that are counting on Congress to pass legislation that creates jobs and improves the American economy. The American Jobs Act will create and preserve jobs now, put money back into the pockets of working Americans now, and give businesses job-creating tax breaks now. Unfortunately, the majority is continuing a no-jobs agenda by refusing to hold a vote on the American Jobs Act. The House majority will not even follow the Senate's lead by bringing job-creating components of the bill, like the provision that preserves jobs for teachers and first responders, up for a vote. Mr. Speaker, we must act now to establish confidence in our economy, and the American Jobs Act is one way to achieve that goal.

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