Issue Position: Securing Energy Independence

Issue Position

By:  Buddy Roemer III
Date: Jan. 1, 2011
Location: Unknown

Buddy Roemer believes that any energy policy must begin with using resources at home safely and efficiently, reducing dependence on foreign oil and creating jobs here in America.

* Buddy believes that energy independence begins with balance, including renewable sources like wind, solar, hydropower and geothermal power.
* Natural gas is a prevalent resource that can provide an immediate reduction of America's dependence on imported fossil fuels. As president, Buddy Roemer will encourage the expansion of natural gas technology.
* Buddy Roemer supports additional drilling, but only where impact on the environment will be limited.
* Buddy feels that safe, advanced nuclear technology must be part of a longer-term plan for energy independence. Yucca Mountain, which was approved by Congress as an underground nuclear waste repository in 2002 but canceled by the Obama administration, must be revisited as a site to safely dispose of nuclear waste.
* Buddy Roemer's fair trade adjustment plan includes energy regulations in its calculations, providing an incentive for producers like China to reduce energy emissions.
* As president, Buddy will cease all energy subsidies, including oil and ethanol, to level the playing field for energy innovation.

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