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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

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Rick Perry knows government doesn't create jobs -- the private sector does. Government's role is to create an environment ripe for growth, then get out of the way.

Under Perry's leadership, Texas has gained more than one million jobs while the rest of the nation lost over two million jobs. Since June 2009, nearly 40% of all net new American jobs have been created in his home state.

As president, Rick Perry will jolt our economy back to life with his Cut, Balance and Grow plan. It cuts taxes and spending, balances our budget by 2020 and grows millions of new jobs.

Perry will give every American the option to throw out the current tax code and instead pay a simple 20% flat tax that can be filed on a postcard. He will cut taxes on employers and repeal job-killing regulations -- such as ObamaCare -- that are strangling growth.

And he will open American energy fields to domestic exploration and development, which will lower energy prices, decrease our reliance on foreign oil and create more than one million new jobs.

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