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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

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With millions of Americans out of work, millions more on food stamps and a national debt that has swollen by $4 trillion since Obama became President, America can no longer afford lukewarm half-measures from politicians who shrink from the fight for fear of offending the Washington elites.

Establishment politicians got us into this mess, and they cannot get us out of it by tinkering at the margins of a system that is completely and utterly broken.

Rick Perry will take a wrecking ball to the Washington establishment so we can rebuild our economy on the solid foundation our founding fathers intended.

His Cut, Balance and Grow plan cuts taxes, caps government spending at 18% of the national economy and balances the budget by 2020. Perry will also permanently ban earmarks and taxpayer bailouts, and push for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Perry will throw out the corporate tax code and replace it with a simpler, lower flat tax that ends the gravy train of lobbyists feeding at the government trough.

He will not only freeze federal hiring, but also salaries for every member of Congress and every federal employee, excluding the military and public safety workers, until the budget is balanced. And he will drastically reduce the size of government by eliminating, combining or refocusing bloated federal agencies.

No other candidate -- Republican or Democrat -- can match Rick Perry's record of fiscal conservatism.

He has signed 67 tax cuts, saving taxpayers $14 billion. He is the only Texas governor to cut state spending since World War II. And today, citizens of his state enjoy the second lowest government debt burden per capita in America.

Cut, Balance and Grow

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