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Rick Perry is a conservative of conviction, not of convenience. On the bedrock issues of life, marriage and the Second Amendment, Perry's conservative values are clear and consistent, and his record backs up his rhetoric.

Rick Perry has always taken an unwavering stand in defense of life and he will continue to do so as president.

If elected, Perry would support a ban on tax dollars for abortion and a human life amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He will only appoint judges with a demonstrated commitment to the Constitution and interpreting the law as written, as he has done consistently as governor.

Perry has signed more pro-life legislation than any other governor in the history of his state, including:

* A Parental Consent law for minors
* The Prenatal Protection Act, which recognizes the personhood of an unborn child
* The Woman's Right to Know Act, requiring informed consent
* A ban on late-term abortions
* A law ensuring pregnant women receive a sonogram prior to an abortion
* Defunded Planned Parenthood

Perry strongly supports traditional marriage. He signed the state Defense of Marriage Act and supported a marriage amendment to the state constitution, and he would do the same as president.

As a life-long hunter and a concealed handgun license holder, Perry is an ardent defender of the Second Amendment. As governor, he signed a Castle Doctrine bill to ensure citizens have the right to defend themselves in their homes. He signed agreements allowing licensed residents of 40 other states to carry concealed weapons in Texas, and vice versa. He also stopped local governments from prohibiting legally concealed weapons on public property, cut CHL renewal fees and protected shooting ranges from junk lawsuits.

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