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Larson, CT DOL, Manufacturing Leaders Announce Launch of New Job-Match Initiative

Press Release

Location: Hartford, CT

Congressman John B. Larson (CT-01) was joined by Commissioner Glenn Marshall of the CT Department of Labor, Elliot Ginsberg of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT), Dr. Robert Kennedy of the CT Board of Regents for Higher Education, Thomas Phillips of Capital Workforce Partners and Industrial Air Flow Dynamics (IAFD) CEO, Stephen Harrington to announce the launch of a new manufacturing job-match initiative.

The "Connecticut Manufacturing Job-Match Initiative" is aimed at not only developing the skills of a workforce to fill the current manufacturing job vacancies, but also one to compete for future high skilled jobs.

"Manufacturing is part of our DNA here in Connecticut," Congressman Larson said. "For over a hundred years our economy has been tied to a healthy manufacturing sector. This initiative will aim to create not only new manufacturing jobs, but a workforce that is properly trained and qualified to fill the future positions that will be opening in various manufacturing fields."

Gathered at IAFD headquarters in Glastonbury, the group discussed how each of their respective organizations would contribute to the initiative.

"There is a growing need for workers that can fill high-tech manufacturing jobs and this initiative is a great way to make connections between employers that want to grow their companies and skilled individuals that want to get back to work," said CT DOL Commissioner Glen Marshall. "Using technology to capture specific skills of the workforce allows us to more effectively identify our state's workforce talent and better meet the needs of employers throughout Connecticut."

"CCAT is excited to work with the Congressman's Office on the design and implementation of an enhanced job matching model that benefits employers and jobseekers," said Eliot Ginsberg, President & CEO of CCAT. By understanding specific job requirements as defined by manufacturers, and assessing the skill sets of potential candidates, using the NAM-endorsed Skill Certification System, we will be better prepared to facilitate a successful job match."

"If Connecticut's economy is to rebound strongly, we must accelerate the level of collaboration and coordination between business and higher education. Today, job openings don't necessarily match with graduates," said Robert A. Kennedy, interim President of the Board of Regents for Higher Education. "We must examine the academic programs of public institutions and strengthen the focus on developing graduates with critical thinking skills, the ability to adapt rapidly and the technical know-how to contribute in the workplace from day one. There is no better example than manufacturing, which is why this initiative is so promising and so exciting."

"The CTWorks system is seeing thousands of unemployed job seekers during these challenged economic times. This job match initiative is a targeted way to fill open manufacturing positions effectively," said Thomas Phillips, President and CEO of Capital Workforce Partners. "We will be able to quickly match qualified candidates to current jobs and train others so they will have the skills they need to fill any outstanding workforce gaps."

In addition to helping bring new men and women into the manufacturing workforce, the initiative will help existing workers assess their existing skills and obtain new ones.

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