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Issue Position: A More Secure Nation

Issue Position


Beyond the basic task of defending our borders and our homeland, it doesn't take a Nobel Peace Prize to recognize that preserving our security comes down to one simple maxim: stand up for our friends … stand up to our foes … and know the difference.

Understanding those tenets is especially important at a time of unprecedented flux and instability in the Middle East and the rise of powerful competitors including China and Russia.

Instead, we have a President who devalues the special relationship with our most trusted ally, Britain, even as he bows to kings, bends to dictators, bumbles with reset buttons, and babies radical Islamists. We have a President who tells our true friend, Israel, that it must surrender its right to defensible borders to appease forces that have never recognized that nation's right to exist.

We have a President who stumbles into Libya, without a clear mission or exit strategy, to protect its population, but can't or won't devise a strategy to secure our borders. We have a President who has taken his eye off the ball when it comes to the true threat in the Middle East: a potentially nuclear-armed Iran.

We have a President who -- in unprecedented fashion -- is ravaging our military strength and structure at a time of war, while elevating political correctness over readiness in its ranks. And we have a President who is declaring a premature end to the war on terror against the advice of his own generals.

As Commander-in-Chief, I will do whatever it takes to fulfill the federal government's foremost responsibility under the Constitution: to keep you safe in an increasingly dangerous world. I will uphold America's values by standing shoulder-to shoulder with those who share those values and our interests and standing tall against those who don't. I will devote the resources necessary to maintain our fighting forces as second-to-none, while being judicious in the use of our power. I will ensure our borders are fully secured. And I will not rest until the war on terror is won.

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