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This Week in Washington


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With the constant bickering and back-and-forth going on in Washington, it is easy to understand why people are surprised when they learn of moments of compromise in Congress. No matter how many polarizing or divisive issues our nation may face, the bottom line remains that Congress still has a job to do--a job that is both expected and owed to the people. I'm proud to report we had a small victory this week toward getting something done.

This week brought good news for the folks of Richmond County and our state as a whole. With the passage of the McKinney Lake National Fish Hatchery Conveyance Act, legislation I introduced, we'll return ownership of a much-deserved fish hatchery in Hoffman back to the people of North Carolina. The McKinney Lake Hatchery grows catfish used to stock lakes and ponds across the state as part of the Community Fishing Program of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

You may wonder what business an otherwise small town fish hatchery has with the federal government, but this body of water and operation has been federally owned--yet run and maintained by the state--for more than a decade now. The people of this community, and our state, want their fish hatchery back. I'm a firm believer in both state and individual rights, especially when it's safely extracting something that benefits our North Carolina families out of the hands of the federal government.

Under full ownership of the state, the facility will have the additional freedom and flexibility to improve operations or expand, to ensure that our state continues to work towards successfully sustained fishery management. This operation is very important to the people of Hoffman, as well as folks across North Carolina.

This legislation received bipartisan support among the members of the North Carolina delegation in the House, where it passed unanimously. As for the next steps, I'm proud to have worked with Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) and Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) to introduce a similar bill in the United States Senate, where I hope it will soon be brought to a vote. In coming together to work on this, regardless of political party or geography, it helps to identify the ways in which our elected officials can help keep North Carolina families working and keep our state great. This helps set a precedent for working together on bills that protect American Jobs, like my Textile Enforcement and Security Act and Buy American legislation that can bring manufacturing jobs back to our district.

I'm a firm believer that once we get folks talking and working together on seemingly small issues, we can finally get the big issues moving through Congress. We don't have another moment to waste.

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