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GOP Job-Creating Agenda

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, when I go home every weekend and talk to my constituents, there are two things that they ask me repeatedly: What can be done about jobs, and what can be done about energy prices?

My constituents understand the colossal failure of the Obama stimulus bill. My constituents understand that government can create jobs only for more government bureaucrats. And those bureaucrats will have to justify their existence by creating more regulations that will kill more private sector jobs.

The liberal Democrats in Congress keep asking for a Republican jobs bill. Well, Mr. Speaker, we have passed at least 15 jobs bills. We have them outlined on this card, as my two colleagues before me talked about, and they are shown on We've passed at least 15 jobs bills that will help the private sector do exactly what Americans are asking us to do, which is to create jobs through growth in their businesses and allowing new businesses to form.

The liberal elite keep buying into the failed theory that government will create millions of jobs. The reality is that unless we provide the private sector with an environment that is conducive to job creation, jobs will be hard to come by.

Mr. Speaker, I remember the cost of a gallon of gasoline when President Obama was sworn in, it was $1.85. Today, it is at least $3.45, an 86-percent increase--and it was a 100-percent increase until very recently. Republicans have addressed this with legislation that increases American energy production, provides us with energy security, and lowers our dependency on Middle Eastern oil.

Mr. Speaker, Republicans listen to the American people. We are acting to provide business owners and entrepreneurs the tools that they need to create jobs and at the same time reduce the cost of energy. We have advanced legislation that will help our constituents in these two very important ways: by helping businesses and their communities hire people, and by reducing the cost of energy.

But what has happened to legislation that will put Americans to work and lower energy costs? Democrat intransigence. The Senate has had these bills for months now and has failed the American people by refusing to take action. Senate Democrat Majority Leader Reid recently said: ``It's very clear that private sector jobs are doing just fine.'' This failure to accept the reality that the job-killing, anti-growth policies of this administration and the liberal elites are the key contributors to the 9.1-percent unemployment rate that continues to be in the United States.

The liberal Democrats keep pushing for what is almost a carbon copy of the failed Obama stimulus that cost the taxpayers almost $1 trillion without having the slightest positive impact on unemployment and the economy. Now President Obama and the liberal elites are asking to do it all over again--more spending, fewer jobs.

The administration wants to continue to pick winners and losers and fund unproven technologies that cost the taxpayers billions with little or no return. One shining example--if that's the way you want to look at it--is the Solyndra fiasco. The administration acted like a venture capital firm and squandered half a billion dollars, leaving the taxpayer holding the bill.

Mr. Speaker, while the liberal elites in the House and Senate keep thinking that the private sector--the job-creating sector--is doing fine, House Republicans will continue to craft and pass legislation to help job creators, to lower energy prices, and to improve the economy. And I encourage Americans to learn about this on their own through

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