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Issue Position: A Stark Choice

Issue Position

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These are hard times for many Americans, especially for the 25 million who need work. We have just witnessed a financial crisis and recession of a severity unprecedented since the Great Depression. And we are now living through a "recovery" that barely qualifies as a recovery at all. Things did not have to be
this way.

There is no question that when President Obama took office he faced serious challenges. But there were many avenues down which he could have proceeded. He chose to pursue a path determined not by the gravity of the situation, but rather by preexisting liberal dogmas and the pressures of liberal interest groups.
The result was a series of policies that not only failed to address the economic crisis, but actively made things worse. Today, Americans have a bigger government that spends and regulates more and controls more aspects of their lives. What they do not have is an economy that is working.

Mitt Romney is running for president because he knows that a different course will bring our country to a much better place. With decades of experience in the private sector, with a successful record as governor of Massachusetts, with a love of country, with an abiding faith in conservative principles, he is determined to set things right. As president, his number one priority--and numbers two and three as well--will be to turn around the economy to enable it to create jobs. Where President Obama has placed his trust in the Department of Commerce and the Department of Labor and the Department of Energy and the rest of the vast federal bureaucracy, Mitt Romney will place his trust in the individual initiatives of the millions of Americans who are striving mightily to reach their full potential and to live the American dream.

Mitt Romney's plan is straightforward and bold. It will require reversing course in virtually every area of policy that affects job creation.

* Where President Obama raised taxes, President Romney will lower them.
* Where President Obama increased regulation, President Romney will reduce it.
* Where President Obama left America's trade relationships untended, President Romney will open new markets around the world.
* Where President Obama restricted energy production, President Romney will seek to utilize our resources to the fullest.
* Where President Obama focused on the institutional interests of labor bosses, President Romney will concentrate on empowering workers and businesses.
* Where President Obama relied on a tangled web of ineffective government programs to retrain displaced workers, President Romney will create a market-driven system that both trains unemployed workers and actually places them in jobs.
* Where President Obama threw dollars--hundreds of billions of dollars--at every problem he encountered, President Romney will restore fiscal discipline.

The United States has arrived at a crossroads. The 2012 presidential election is going to have enormous consequences for our future. Will we remain a great country, prosperous and free? Or will we slide further into debt and, ultimately, decline? A stark choice lies ahead, a choice between two competing visions. Our
future direction rests in the hands of the American people, who are sovereign and at whose pleasure the government serves. That is what our democracy is all about.

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